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Ultrawest Research--Market Trend Intelligence
The STATS system beating the market consistently  >>> 

Edward B. Sadowski Communications Services
Public relations and marketing solutions >>>

Bank Failures Watch  >>>
Your guide to the *banking* crisis
(currently not updated)

Cheap Colorado  >>>
What's free or inexpensive around town

COJOURN--The Colorado Issues Journal  >>>
A journal of Colorado issues by college undergraduates

Colorado Issues Digest  >>>
Colorado issues for an informed citizenry

Colorado Issues Web  >>>
Bringing policy issues and community together

Colorado Libraries NOW!  >>>
A portal for librarians - news, issues, resources

The Colorado Small Business Info Network  >>> 
The entrepreneur's ultimate resource for starting and running a business (mostly not updated)

Drop In English Conversation   >>>
(currently inactive)

Englewood Housing Authority  >>>
Helping provide affordable housing for low-income families
(current client)

Investment Fund Intelligence  >>>
Ed's solution for victory over the market

Knowledge Research Central >>> 
Finding information in the library and on the Web
(mostly not updated)

KoolDogz Pet sitting/dog walking  >>>
(currently not operational)

Our Littleton  >>>
News and information about the Littleton area                      (currently not updated)

The Salmans Group  >>> 
Bridging the divide between groups, individuals, and the community
(currently not operational)

Super Colorado  >>> 
Denver and Colorado history (and contemporary events)      that are anything but ordinary

Trader Track Records   >>>                                                     The best *market timing* systems uncovered
(currently not updated)

Zeitlin and Associates  >>> 
Complete *CPA* services in the Cherry Creek area
(former client)

Edward B. Sadowski

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> Digital Document Management Solutions for Business (Kindle)
> The Researcher's Law Dictionary available in the Kindle bookstore.
> The Savvy Surfer Guide to the Best Websites. (Out of print.)
> Way of the Robot: Getting Started with Automated Forex Trading  (Kindle)

> Colorado Library Insider  >>>
> The Savvy Scholar >>>
> The Savvy Trader >>>

> The ACC Library Newsletter. 2007-2012. >>>
> Plagiarism Detection and Prevention Using Turnitin, Google, and Other Tools >>>
> Using Social Media for College Marketing >>>

 Ed's librarian
Ed shares his `ETF` trading methods in Stockpickr.
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All websites owned by Ed, with exception of two former client sites (Englewood `Housing Authority` and Zeitlin and Associates)
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Used copies still still available at Amazon for an outrageous price. 

Amazing how many great sites selected by Ed from the early 2000s are still around

author / former journalist, PR practitioner, librarian / investment analyst / website creator / ETF trader / sports buff / intrigued with the holographic universe
Ed has a background in journalism, public relations, freelance writing, publishing, website creation and design, and librarianship. He has an MA in Librarianship and Information Management from the University of Denver and a BA in English from the University of Colorado.

He has published scholarly papers as well as news and feature articles, and is the author of a book about the Internet, document management, legal research, and Forex trading. He is also a published poet and had a play selected by the Changing Scene Theatre, Denver.  MORE